Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010 - A Tiger

"Tiger" Pen and Ink, 5 x 7, Journal Log

This morning I did a tiger - as stated before I'm really into doing wildlife artwork. I think the tiger needs more work and I'll post it again if I get back to finishing it. The Tiger is such an interesting animal, I watched a great show called the "Hunter and the Hunted" and it was about the Bengal Tiger in India, very fascinating.

But while drawing I came to realize that the true joy in the artistic process is not the finished product but the process itself. I never consider "how-long" something will take or "how-hard" its going to be because the process of drawing/painting is an adventure of its with many thing to learn and to discover. Lately I've been - not only - discovering more about my art but about the subject matter as well - their stories and what makes them unique.

So in the end - just DRAW! Draw and be happy with the process don't worry about what it looks like right away because it's a work in progress be focused yet be tolerant of mistakes and learn to work with them. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29, 2010

So this morning at breakfast I decided to draw something that I was unfamiliar with. An animal that most people don't normally associate with being cute or cuddly nor do they think of being something to hang on the wall: A Bornean Orangutan. The Orangutans are a difficult creature to draw and I suppose to some they are beautiful but I will be honest - a majority of the people think that I have spoken with that thought that they were ugly.

Ugly, because the shape of their heads and how they look like they are smooshed in - well to me we are all creatures of a Loving God and I don't believe He makes junk. So for me he is a beautiful animal and I wanted to explore that and bring light into his world.

Yet, while drawing this unique creature I realized that the thing that makes an artist better is the ability to go after something difficult. To draw something that is not beautiful to the world but beautiful to us. To draw something that would be unfamiliar and take us out of our comfort zone. These are the things that make us better.

I recently did a series of paintings on my experience with the Iraq War and there were some tough scenes and I found them difficult but for one to truly advance and grow you must be willing to paint the things that bring pain. By doing so you bring healing to yourself and a message to others. For me I hoped that I brounght that message of peace love and hope.

Well that's all for tonight.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!

The Value of keeping a journal:

The picture here is from my journal (Volume 20) and it is a conceptcual drawing of a potential painting for my Niece's birthday.

Want to be a better artist?

Over the past four years I have been keeping a journal - the old fashion blog - and each day I've included thoughts, ideas and of course sketches. I have done this daily and the changes I have gone through and experienced has made me a better person.

I made this blog in hopes that by my daily drawings you'll be inspired to do the same and will want to take up drawing on a daily basis. I hope that you enjoy my work and will get into the habit of writing/drawing on a daily basis.

The final piece:

"Spirit of Wind", 24" x 48", Acrylic on Masonite

The above is why I keep a journal, to record techniques, ideas and inspirations. This painting took maybe 2 hours to physically paint but I've been learning how to do this long before it was even a sketch.

April 28, 2010 - Pencil or Pen?

Yesterday was the Lioness and so today is the Lion!

While doing this piece I thought about why I like to use the ball point pen over the pencil. I get asked why I prefer the pen over the pencil almost everyday. I think the reason I like to use the pen: is that you learn to live with your mistakes and you learn how to make effective use of every stroke. Everytime you mark the paper it is permanent and therefore you learn to make your earliest marks with the pen to be light and sensitive. Also you learn to make effective use of each stroke because unlike pencil you cannot scribble in a few things and smear it.

I believe that if you are a young artist trying to get better at your craft then it would benefit you to start by using a pen.