Sunday, January 30, 2011

Janurary 31, 2011

For most of you, you know that my mom is sick and in the hospital with Amyloidosis - a rare disease that is without a cure at this time - and so to begin with I'd like to thank everyone who has been sending support, the kind messages, thoughts and prayers have been felt. Now, as you can imagine my morning sketches have been sluggish for obvious reasons.

Well, knowing my mom she does not want me to stop on her behalf and if she knew that I did stop - she'd kick me! So here we go:

Recently I have been working on a study of textures of Rhinos and Elephants for what will be a bigger series of paintings. The above will be on a larger canvas and will be of a whole elephant. Right now I am doing just a texture study in this monochromatic stage in order to feel out my edges, values and highlights. Later on I'll be adding color! So tomorrow check-in and see how the progress goes and hopefully by friday we'll have color. So, see ya'tomorrow!

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