Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010 - A Tiger

"Tiger" Pen and Ink, 5 x 7, Journal Log

This morning I did a tiger - as stated before I'm really into doing wildlife artwork. I think the tiger needs more work and I'll post it again if I get back to finishing it. The Tiger is such an interesting animal, I watched a great show called the "Hunter and the Hunted" and it was about the Bengal Tiger in India, very fascinating.

But while drawing I came to realize that the true joy in the artistic process is not the finished product but the process itself. I never consider "how-long" something will take or "how-hard" its going to be because the process of drawing/painting is an adventure of its with many thing to learn and to discover. Lately I've been - not only - discovering more about my art but about the subject matter as well - their stories and what makes them unique.

So in the end - just DRAW! Draw and be happy with the process don't worry about what it looks like right away because it's a work in progress be focused yet be tolerant of mistakes and learn to work with them. Enjoy!

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