Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th, 2010 - Elephants and more!

So, first off, I must apologize for not getting a daily drawing up since last thursday. but here's the good news: I've been working on some great things that I'm going to be sharing here today!

Also, it's the week of finals so everyone around campus here at Bluefield College are going crazy. Typical college life!
So lately I've been on this elephant kick. Almost everyday I've drawn an elephant and the one thing that impresses me are the various textures on the elephant. I am mesmerized by their large size and the way they move. They are - to me - some of the few remaining ideas of what a dinosaur may have looked liked. It is sad however that these poor animals are being killed for their ivory tusks.

The picture above the morning sketch from May 7th and it is a depiction of an elephant grappling with another male elephant looking to cement their place in the hierarchy of where they live.

The above drawing is a textural study of elephants and this was done over the 8th and 9th so this image really inspired me to go ahead and start a new painting!

But once again, why kill a beautiful animal for a decorative piece of ivory? What purpose does that serve? What good does it do when we extinguish an entire speices all for what?

So today's drawing, another elephant, and this morning I awoke with new energy to go forward with this study. Last night I walked into the studio to paint at 8:30pm and I didn't realize what time it was until 1:42am! I love it when I have a goal and a purpose in my work, because then nothing can get in my way. When you're inspired and on fire nothing can slow you down or get in your way, so what are you waiting for?

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