Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4, 2010 - Busy day today!!!

So today I didn't get around to posting this morning's sketch until late tonight but that's our life! Dana has been getting ready for her art show and I've been doing everything I can to help her. Yet I did get a drawing in this morning and I taught my class as well.

This portrait painting below is Donna Chapman's Grand-daughter and she wants to be able to paint her. So in this one hour - 30 minute demo I showed her how and the results were amazing, Donna couldn't believe how nice and accurate it was let alone how quick I did it in with such ease. I'm not trying to brag but what I am saying is that the pic here is not accomplished by sitting around doing nothing. YOu must be willing to wake up everyday and dedicate some time to your craft.

I told Donna that with much patience she will get to this level and she'll be able to do it like me.

But Donna is much like any other person, granted she's done oil painting before but never has she ever done portraiture.

So after a class of getting her to try an assessment drawing to see where she was at I knew she could get there - eventhough she had a lot of doubts. I sent her home with a sketch book and a homework assignment - she was to draw whatever she saw from life over and over again.

When she came back she had made a lot of progress and then we went over gesture sketches and facial features and I recommended that she should try out some portraits from life.

So when she went home this time she did a quick sketch of her husband (pictured below).

Obviously, it is tough and it is even tougher when it's someone you love and know. This happened to be her husband and she felt good about a few things and I generally agree that there are a few good things about the above. Yet overall she was not overly happy with it.

So after that attempt I sent her home trying a different technique and the results are amazing. The above image is after her fourth class with me!

So, abouve is this morning's sketch, the best way to get where you're going is constaant practice and staying involved in art in some way or fashion. I know the mane here is not perfect but I'm trying and that's all that counts! :)

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