Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010 - Keep Challenging yourself...

So today I did my morning sketch with a new type of ball point pen that I'm not used to - a Jetstream made by UNi-ball. It's a great pen yet the slickness of the flow of the ink is something that I'm not use to. The ink literally flows right out of the pen.
My initial thought was to take the pens and give them to Dana to use and I'll just use my old one. Yet, moments like these are what make us a better artist, we grow by having to face tougher challenges everyday - even if its using a medium unfamiliar with us. Instead of giving the pen to Dana I immediately switched gears and said "do what you've always done: master it!"
So I went about my sketch and it turned out just nice. This morning's sketch is a gorilla, an animal that I find to be challenging because the textures of the animal make it really difficult/monotonous but its making these little things look that make all the difference between a good artist and a bad one.
Even if you are an abstract artist it is not necessarily about making it "real" but about taking care of your craftsmanship and being a cut above the the rest. It is about respecting what you do!

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