Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th, 2010, What happened to the fifth?

So where's May 5th's drawing? Well since Dana's art show was yesterday I devoted almost all of my time toward helping her. The result: PURE AWESOMENESS!!!

Dana's show was a hit!

Which had me thinking this morning, in Dana's show she has three walls of paintings and on the last wall there are placards that explain how each painting was conceived and designed and studies on how to paint certain subjects.
When talking to someone about the show I said that the whole point behind it was to showcase not just the final piece but to showcase the journey.

So while drawing this elephant this morning I thought to myself: "Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process of discovering and not just the final piece". If you can't enjoy that then you might as well quit and if you quit you will never feel the victory in accomplishment.

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