Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25th, 2010 - Eyes and the secret to drawing them realistically!

So keeping with my study of the horse, I have posted more drawings that are featuring more of the horse. Hopefully you don't find it too repetitive but the truth is: if you want to get better at what you do you have to do studies.

As a young artist I use to want to paint right away, in fact as soon as I bought the canvas I wanted to start right away! However if you paint without reason or meaning you will soon find your paintings to be without reason or meaning!

I recall buying a 3 foot by 3 foot canvas - biggest one I ever bought and being so excited by it! I started thinking of idea as to what I could paint on it! I became so excited and wanted to do something! So with a vague idea in mind I started painted and the result: Buyer's Remorse.

I regretted buying that canvas and thought to myself "did I just waste all that money?"

The real turn out: I realized why studies are important why going to the art store you need to have a plan and know what you are getting. I am getting this and only this. Don't buy stuff just to buy stuff otherwise your work will have no meaning - the sum of your work will be the product itself and your work should be about you and what you want to express - buying things that don't emphasize what you're doing is just a distraction.

So that's my soap box for today - sorry - but onto the horses'!

So with horses I feel that - like human portraits - you have make your work just right otherwise you may find your viewers' just picking at what's wrong instead of picking which one to buy!

So like the human eye I wrapped a golf ball in a towel. The top quarter and the bottom quarter are cover, then I do a small sketch and observation of the ball. I think this is so important because you can see why the eye sticks out. You can see why the shadows developed. You can see why the highlights are placed where they are.

Afterward I did a in depht look at the eye and the result above proved to be quite nice in my opinion. Notice how the life-light (a simple term for the light reflection off the eye) is lined up with the the highlights on the wrinkle. It's very nice.

Well check back tomorrow as I'll be studying the ears!

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