Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th, 2010 - Finished Project, Graduation and a New Idea!!

So, yes, it has been a little while since I last posted on here and I hate to admit it but I've been mainly posting my work on facebook more and more. I don't know why but I suppose its easier for my family and friends to check it out.
So the 14th and 15th went by quickly with Graduation and Family coming in. It was hard trying to just get time to think. But I managed to squeeze out a drawing of Dr. Robert Shippey of Bluefield College during Graduation Practice on the 14th (Below). I think the best way for an artist to improve is to continuously draw from life and to do so everyday. I don't think there is any substitution for it.

On the night of the 14th, my final night as a college undergraduate I managed to put on the finishing touches of my new painting! The painting of the elephants entitled:

"Setting Sun", Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 30" x 48", $995.00

I call it Setting Sun simply because the tim eof elephant is slowly setting as man continues to kill this precious animal for their tusks. It is unfortunate but unless we do something about the sun will set on these wonderful creatures of God.
For the 17th, I woke up this morning thinking of a new idea, a row of horses charging out at you.
On panels measuring 2 ft x 4 ft lined up vertically - five panels in a row - with different horses charging out at you. This will be a great painting. It is between that and more Elephants and Rhinos, I will probably work on both or all three simultaneously, we'll see!

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